1 - All media and web services for the producers and industries members with our Chamber will be under the management of LIBERTY MEDIA STUDIO & INFOMERCIALS , Toronto (Ontario) Canada and  Clearwater  Beach (FL)
All selling contracts and banking information will be analyzed by our CFO  Mr. Joseph Citrigno (Chartered Financial Advisor) FSG Financial Strategies Group.
2 -  All analysis and approvals for all Micro, and Small Industries located in Brazil to supply our importers shall be under the industrial and financial analysis of Mr. Luiz Carlos Kozersky – Director President Industrial in Brazil. 
3 - All export administration such as customs brokers, freight forward services to our clients located in USA, Canada and overseas Brazil, shall be authorized by  management of our CEO, CFO and COO. 
The controller of the port services, import & export  logistics, freight forward services is North America Inter Ports & Logistics.